Our Philosophy

A Comfortable Place – With a focus on easing children’s anxiety and making dental care a positive experience, Lakeview Kids’ Dentistry functions as your child’s dental home. A delightful physical space and an easygoing atmosphere combine to make our practice a safe, happy place for kids to learn about their dental health at all ages.

Compassionate People – Our friendly, warm staff functions as a team to encourage children of all ages to participate in their dental care. Our priority is on building and maintaining long-lasting, healthy relationships with each patient. And because we approach dental care with a unique understanding of children’s needs, we enthusiastically welcome our patients to have fun and help take ownership of their dental health.

A Pace That Makes Sense – Lakeview Kids’ Dentistry schedules patients with a commitment to giving plenty of focused attention to each child. Your appointment time is reserved especially for you so we can achieve the thorough, consistently high standards of excellence we expect from each procedure. We take pride in the quality of our work, and our individualized approach lets us give you and your child the best possible experience at each visit.